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Congratulations on your Wedding! We LOVE weddings! more over, we love styling weddings! Petra has been lucky to be a wedding stylist here in Tofino for the past ten years. With her experience we have come to a realization, as much as we are wildly skilled stylists, products can make or break a hair style. At PHW we have invested in the most effective, natural and ethical styling products, KEVIN.MURPHY and Rahua hair care. The combination of our experience and high quality, sustainable product, not only makes all hair look amazing, it also will make your hair style last through all the kisses, dances and the odd bit of Tofino beach fog.

Please read on below for everything you need to know to be prepared to look your best on your special day.


Please be ready for your hair appointment with clean and dry hair. Washed and blowdried the night before with minimal product use, and without hot tool styling, is ideal for your hair to set properly. If you would like to add on a blowdry service to your styling service, please inform request in advance to ensure proper time allotments. We have a full range of all tools and products required to tame your tresses. If you have any ornaments, flowers, or other decorations you would like incorportaed with you style please bring them to your appointment.


Along side with ample hair experience, comes equal makeup experience and education. Because We do not carry a makeup line for retail, Our artists are able to pick and choose from the highest rated brands and products from a variety of makeup lines, such as nars, tarte, deciem, mac, urban decay and many many others.

We both encourage and recommend you to come to your makeup appointment with lip colour to ensure your look will stay fresh throughout the day. whether it be lip stick or sheer gloss, liner or stain, you will need to bring a colour, or variety of colours, you love to be able to maintain and retouch after all those kisses, toasts, laughs and tears.

Please be ready for your makeup appointment with bare moisturized skin. not even masacarra on, if you would be so kind.

about your booking

When possible we find a complimentary consultation, or a trial appointment, upon your arrival to Tofino to be paramount in starting your wedding day with ease. This is a great opportunity for us to go over your inspirations and ideas. We will then be able to explore all options and possibilities thoroughly and without wedding day time stressors.

All makeup and hair appointments will be sent an invoice for security deposit 50% of all service bookings. this deposit is non refundable within 6 months of your event, and due uppon your booking to hold your appointments.

"The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being." - Tom Robbins

"The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being." - Tom Robbins