Petra Hansman

Begining her career in hair in 2005, and founder of Petrichor in 2014. Petra is more than comfortable with any tool or technique in the vast world of hair. Petra specializes in creating hair that not only leaves the salon looking amazing, but also ages gracefully. Her goal is to ensure that from the time you walk out of Petrichor to the time you walk back in, your hair is holding up to her very high standard. Petra is a perfectionist when it comes to your hair, she sees colour and shape all in 4 dimensions and enhances every aspect in all her appointments. While some of her clients travel from as far as New York and London to Tofino for her renowned blondes, you would be just as detailed and perfected if you are brunette, or Autumn toned. Petra's hair cuts are next to none, she works with hair in all forms, from straight and structured to shaping soft curls, She utilizes both wet and dry techniques for every client. Petra is passionate about education, every year she invests heavily into growing her skills and learning from the industries best educators. There's no wonder why the better part of our small town's population has 'pintrest worthy" hair.