blonde 101

what is a toner? a toner is hair color that generally speaking has a clear base and uses pigment to counteract unwanted tones in the hair or boost up wanted tones in your hair. lets remeber basic color wheel thoery, opposits on the color wheel create neutral tones. if you wish to remove gold (yellow) tones from hair you would tones with a ash (violet) tone. Tonners are where blonde gets really fun to play with, this is where we achieve white, cream, honey, icey, rose gold, even amethyst and rose quarts are achievalble tones if your hair is light enough. Before your next blonding appointment do yourself a favor and research what tones you are attracted to, and we can talk about what will sit nicely on your skin tone. don't forget that toner does wash out over time, so play with it!

what is a base break? a base break is a magical in between for those loving to be blonde that were gifted with being a brunette, fake it till you make it babes. this is a toning treatment that can be done with your highlights as well as in between your next highlight service to stretch your blonde out longer. It is a process of gently and quicky lifting your natural root up 1-2 levels to created a "i woke up like dis" natural blonde look. super babe'n

there you go, blonde on sweet people of canada's pacific rim!

blondes, what can I say, the world of hair color is split up into two categories, the blonde ambitious, and the sultry brunettes. I Have allot of clients from Tofino and Ucluelet both, who come to see me for my growing reputation as the go to colorist if your wishing to see more sunshine in your hair.

what I think the general public doesnt really understand is that going blonde is a lifestyle change. similar to any change in lifestyle whether it be clean eating or boosting your activity level, the best results from blonde hair come from dedication and effort and investment.

let me break it down for you. Blonding involes 3 steps to both achieve and maintain your blonde hair.

1.) getting blonde : lots of people I meet in the salon wanting to be blonde are often surprised when I tell them that it often takes about two to three color appointments to achieve a clean level 10 lightests blonde. potentially more so if we are having to strip away darker tones from the hair.

2.) restoring your hair : Blonding is hard on your hair at anytime, more so when you are trying to remove darker tones from your hair. Of course as a stylist and professional, I do my best to maintain the integrity of your hair during your appointment. but the owness falls on you to ensure that you are caring for your hair properly at home for your next blonding session and for general luster and smoothness on a daily basis.

there are two methods to damage your hair

a.) mechanical damage : this is achieved through ripping a brush through your hair, or tying it up with tight elastics, and of course the hood of your wetsuit from your cold water surf fix. please note that hair is more susepitible to breakage when wet

I reccommed my clients to use a boar bristle hair brush to gently detangle your hair, be sure to brush hair throughly before you shower and very gently after you shower to put hair in place. I also reccomend my clients to switch from tight elastics to elastic hair ribbons, these are not only way cuter, but they also, dont snag or put too much tension on your hair, available at Habit clothing in Tofino and sephora. Also for your surfer babes, try putting your hair into a simple braid for your salty sessions and see if you cant walk away from our amazing tofino beaches even more blissed out after your surf knowing that you will have less tears while detangling.

b.) chemical/heat damage : this is achieved through mineral deposits, daily styling, and of course any color service.

I reccomend clients with mineral deposits to invest in a carbon filter for your shower head, these are an inexpensive option to protect your hair from minerals that can cause extra damage in hair during a color service and prevent you from reaching and optimal level of lightness. These minerals can also cause allot of heartache once you have achieved blonde through brassiness or even green tones in your hair, most often from iron deposits in water and/or copper pipes. If you are suffering through having green or brassy toned hair [like when you were in that balinese pool and got your hair wet and looked like a mermaid for the rest of your vacation] and you know you have old pipes in your house there are treatments that can pull the mineral deposits from your hair. ask me to do a malibu treatment on your hair the next time your in the shop.

For chemical and heat damage Olaplex is for you. This is a a treatment that actually repairs broken disulfide bonds in you hair, sorry to be so techy, these bonds are responsible for the strength and elasticity of your hair. some people with weak fine hair naturally have fewer of thease bonds to begin with, other people break these bonds attempting to reach the perfect shade of corn flower blonde. Olaplex both multiplies the bonds within the cortex of your hair as well as strengthens and rebuilds any weak or broken bonds. Not to be compared with the ever peddled moiture and protien packs. when I was in aveda school in 2006, we were taught first and foremost that broken hair can never be repaired, and that was true up until recently. while moisture and protein treamtent are a great way for you to give you hair extra love at home, they will never rebuild the internal structure and integrity of your hair. Olaplex is a two step restructuring treatment that can be used alone or added onto any color service.

3.) maintaining your blonde : So you've finally done it, you have achieved blonde hair, the dream is your reality. dont give up yet, blonde hair naturally oxidizes as it ages, this is where regualr regrowth maintanence and tonning come into place. not to mention regrowth care, are you wanting to bleach out fully like michelle williams, highlight like me, or highlight and base break like an olsen twin?