The Choices we Make..

Recently a new hair colour line was welcomed to the shop. It was a no brainer that was going to be in line with tofino and ucluelet's culture of environmental leadership. I have to admitt I was skeptical at first, I have used colour lines in the past that had environmental leadership goals however lacked in preformance.

Some of the selling features for me with this colour were the ingredients of course. With a base of honey, shea butter and coconut oil this colour naturally moisturizes and rejuvinates the hair imparting an incredible shine. As a Technitian working with products that take in account health and wellbeing is paramount for longevity in the industry. is free of cruelty, parabens, ammonia and ppd (an irritant found in colour lines). perfect!

The exciting Science behind is that it guarentees a molecular couple. This just means that when your colour is both processing and when its washed down the drain, the molecules stick together creating a "safe molecule" This is great for you beacause it reduces the risk of skin irritations and allergic reactions. It is great for everyone because this safe molecule also prevents polution when your colour is washed down the drain. Polution control is acheived as there are no loose molecules which could bond to hydrogen or oxigen molecules in the ocean. win win!

The experience in the salon seen with this change has been high preformance, natural looking results and optimum colour functionality. is a true reflection of Kevin Murphy's brand, it does exactly what it says it will do. This colour line allows for play and enjoyment with colour and fashion without further compromise to the environment. It is a choice we are happy to make.