The only thing as disheartening as being a man with thinning hair, is being a woman with thinning hair. KEVIN.MURPHY has out done himself again and designed two new product systems to restore thinning hair and add volume. "his and hers" if you will. His is the refreshing STIMULATE.ME wash and rinse accompanied with THICK.AGAIN treatment and styling spray. Hers is the amplifying PLUMPING wash and rinse, starring BODY.MASS treatment and styling spray. What both systems have in common is that they use eyelash extension and thickening technology to Stimulate hair growth, as well as, Strengthen, fortify, Thicken, and Prevent thinning & falling hair. they also, Help to reduce DHT, Increases microcirculation to the scalp, Lengthen the growing phase, and of course are Paraben free. what they dont have in common is scent and bottle esthetic, thankfully! Definitely a smart investment for all those wonderful couples who got engaged over the holidays and want amazing hair for the big day!