texture.  Modèle  serpent  peaux.

We have been seeing this since the FW14 runways, but havent really been able to get the feel off the tip of our toungues. Words like rich, saturated, sun kissed, and amber have been thrown around the salon for months. Mega babes Gisele, Rosy HW, SJP, of course Cara are standing out on the red carpet with the most complimentary textbook versions of this look. The words we are looking for are Ecaille, or tortoise shell and Balayage or babylights. In place of the two toned effect of ombre, we are now accepting a warmth and stauration of your natural color with some added fine, hand paintd highlights around the face and crown for a more natural sunkissed effect, the tips of your hair melting up just two shades lighter then your natural tone. we were all ready for this.