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  1. a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

    "other than the petrichor emanating from the rapidly drying grass, there was not a trace of evidence that it had rained at all"

The most beautiful Salon 

Petrichor Hair workshop is for stylists who thrive and grow within their craft.  Our approach to hair styling is modern and precise.  We use the highest quality environmentally sustainable products and practices, such as Kevin.Murphy, Rahua and by Kevin.Murphy. We are part of the green circle, environmentally sustainable salon group. We believe in giving our planet the same opportunity to stay beautiful, as we do our clients! 

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Petra Hansman

Begining her career in hair in 2005, and founder of Petrichor in 2014. Petra is more than comfortable with any tool or technique in the vast world of hair. Petra specializes in creating hair that not only leaves the salon looking amazing, but also ages gracefully. Her goal is to ensure that from the time you walk out of Petrichor to the time you walk back in, your hair is holding up to her very high standard. Petra is a perfectionist when it comes to your hair, she sees colour and shape all in 4 dimensions and enhances every aspect in all her appointments. While some of her clients travel from as far as New York and London to Tofino for her renowned blondes, you would be just as detailed and perfected if you are brunette, or Autumn toned. Petra's hair cuts are next to none, she works with hair in all forms, from straight and structured to shaping soft curls, She utilizes both wet and dry techniques for every client. Petra is passionate about education, every year she invests heavily into growing her skills and learning from the industries best educators. There's no wonder why the better part of our small town's population has 'pintrest worthy" hair.




Priced upon consultation, email for details.



 all though Tofino and Ucluelet are somewhat tiny and rustic,  its still important for you to shine and be a fresh, fashionable version of yourself. 

Petrichor Hair Workshop specializes in creating your signature look that is easy for you to keep up and style to look your best everyday.


women's cut

$70.+ Master Stylist

$50+ Senior Stylist

men's barber cut

$45+ Short Hair

$60+ long hair




Lighter or darker, sun kissed, richened, shined or softened. Colour just does something good for everyone.

 We use Color.Me by Kevin Murphy Hair colour, which is cruelty free, paraben free, ammonia free, and ppd free. 

the colour is nourishing to your hair. it has a rich, shinny finish and provides full coverage for all hair types. 


babylights and balayage

$195+ Master Stylist

$160+ Senior Stylist


$175+ Master Stylist

$150+ Senior Stylist

global colour

$140+ Master Stylist

$120+ Senior Stylist

global highlight

$160+ Master Stylist

$130+ Senior Stylist

global bleach tone

$180+ Master Stylist

$150+ Senior Stylist

new growth bleach tone

$140+ Master Stylist

$120+ Senior Stylist

new growth colour

$115+ Master Stylist

$100+ Senior Stylist

touch up highlight

$145+ Master Stylist

$130+ Senior Stylist




We are lucky to be in a age of technology and revolutionary and effective hair care treatments,

 Petrichor Hair Workshop is committed to bring the best and newest hair care systems right here to Tofino and Ucluelet By Kevin.Murphy

for strength, anti-aging, moisture or thickening

$65 service add on


olaplex treatment


olaplex service add on


cezanne perfect finish keratin smoothing treatment

smoothing, strengthening, frizz reducing, straightening, lasts for months




If you are going to hire a photographer, and the day is for you, look flawless.


Bride, guests and makeup services

billed hourly rate of $225+

(travel not included)

* All wedding bookings will be charged an additional 20% gratuity 

travel fees


hourly x rate  +  travel fee  =  your convenience